All our bags are produced on state-of-the-art film extruders using the highest quality raw materials and additives. We offer 7-layer and 3-layer, white/black silo bags in different diameters, lengths and film thicknesses.

We guarantee a UV stability of 18 – 24 months (region dependent).
We also offer compost bags green/black in the sizes 6.5'; 8'; and 9'. Our standard bags can be used on all common silo baggers and for all types of pressed goods.
Diameters available: 4’ – 14‘, Lengths available: 45 , 60, 75, 90, 120 and 150 m Other sizes on request.


Folienschlauch Standard en




In addition to our, for many years tested standard bags (thicknesses from 195 μ– 240 μ), we have for several years our further developed X-TREME bags in our range. At a reduced thickness (–20%), these have approxi- mately the same or, in some cases, better mechanical properties. This development step was only made pos- sible by the 7-layer extrusion technology and the use of 760special additives. Here we consciously take into account our contribution to active environmental protection (CO2 footprint).

  • 20 % less use of raw materials
  • improved transport and storage costs
  • lower pollutant emissions

Folienschlauch X Treme