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Standard silage films


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Silo film:

Standard silage films to cover silage heaps/bunkers

Vacuum film:

A thin vacuum film which is used in combination with a silage film

Side wall film:

 For the better protection of the silo side walls by penetrating rainwater


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Silage films with 02-barrier


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7-layer silage film with high O²-barrier
(< 15 ml / m² / 24 h)

Combi Barrier:

7-layer silage- & vacuum film with O²-barrier
(< 50 ml / m² / 24 h) Both films are coming on 1 roll

Vaccum Barrier:

 7-layer vacuum film with O²-barrier
(< 50 ml / m² / 24 h). Should be used in combination with standard silage films


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